Extra trio of vegetable oils

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20% reduction for this trio of oils that will enhance your recipes with their exceptional properties!

- 30 mL hazelnut oil: light and penetrating, perfect for oily skin
- 30 mL hemp oil: to pamper your hair, your beard
- 30 mL carrot oil: to prepare for the arrival of the sun

Hazelnut oil, very rich in oleic acid, vitamin E, and a source of omega 6 linoleic acid, this oil stable to oxidation, penetrates quickly into the skin. It can be used in all face and body care products, for massages and bath products.
Applications: Very popular for care for sensitive skin, combination to oily and anti-aging for mature skin.
Cosmetic properties: This oil is moisturizing, restructuring, anti-oxidant, sebum regulator and has a dry feel.

Hemp oil, a doubly concentrated source of omega 6 and omega 3 essential fatty acids, is emollient, fluid, with a non-greasy feel. Source of natural antioxidants (phenols, CoQ10), it is particularly suitable for natural care products for mature or sensitive skin.
Applications: Very popular for care for sensitive skin, anti-aging for mature skin and soothing care.
For hair care in shampoos, conditioners and masks.
Cosmetic properties: This oil is * emollient, moisturizing, restructuring, anti-erythema and anti-aging. For the hair, it will nourish the hair fiber and provide shine.

This oily carrot macerate based on organic deodorized sunflower oil is produced in France.
The roots of carrots which make it possible to obtain this macerate are rich in minerals and beta-carotene which is the precursor of vitamin A.
Used in care for the skin, it allows to refine the texture of the skin and will give you a good glow. In addition, the carrot promotes the extension of the tan and can be used as an after-sun to soften and promote the regeneration of the epidermis.
Applications: Very appreciated for the care of dry and / or irritated skin but also in the prevention of the signs of cutaneous aging. This macerate can also be used for after-sun products, body care and massages. (can be used alone)
Cosmetic properties: This macerate is both nourishing, softening, regenerating, anti-oxidant and * emollient.
To know: What gives the orange-yellow color of the oily carrot macerate is the famous beta-carotene, precursor of vitamin A, which is also called pro-vitamin A. It is a natural photosynthetic pigment that will allow 'to offer a concentrate of radiance and good glow to the skin.

* Emollient: Substance which has the particularity of relaxing, softening and calming inflammation of the skin. Emollient creams are recommended for nourishing and caring for dry or atopic-prone skin.

Oil production: In a worm screw press, the healthy and cleaned seeds are pressed in cold first pressing, without any solvent or chemical intervention. Then the oil is filtered through blotting paper. The oil is then stored away from light, air and heat. It contains no additives and is packaged under nitrogen.

Quality: 100% organic oil without coloring or organic fragrance.

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