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Tous les ingrédients pour réaliser un démaquillant solide respectueux de la peau

22,90 € 22.9 EUR

Tous les ingrédients ET l'applicateur en bambou réutilisable, pour réaliser 2 déodorants peau fragile

22,90 € 22.9 EUR

Idéal pour fabriquer 3 flacons de 250ml de shampoing ou gel douche fait-maison.

  • Hydrolat d'hamamelis 200mL
  • Concentré de moussants 250mL
  • Acide lactique 10mL
  • Conservateur 10mL
  • Huile d'amande douce 30mL
24,90 € 24.9 EUR

Tous les ingrédients pour fabriquer 3 flacons de 50ml de dentifrice fait-maison :

  • Glycerine 30mL
  • Epaississant 30g
  • 2 Hydrolats de menthe poivrée 50mL
  • Moussant ultra doux 10mL
  • Conservateur 10mL
  • Carbonate de Calcium 30g
  • Kaolin 30g
24,90 € 24.9 EUR

Ce pack contient TOUS les ingrédients pour réaliser tes masques à l'argile.

Il te permettra de réaliser environ 9 masques pour le visage.

19,00 € 19.0 EUR

Notre hydrolat de menthe poivrée biologique et d'origine française va permettre de parfumer ton dentifrice ou tes soins pour un effet tonifiant et rafraichissant !

6,00 € 6.9 EUR

Notre argile rose d’origine française permet d’adoucir, apaiser les rougeurs, matifier les peaux brillantes et resserrer les pores mais aussi de redonner de l’éclat au teint !

2,00 € 2.0 EUR
The radiant red of carmine will give beautiful colors to your lipsticks!
This natural pigment is of animal origin (not suitable for vegans).

INCI: CI 75470
8,00 € 8.0 EUR
  • Il empêche le développement de bactéries, moisissures, levures dans vos créations.     

  • C’est un conservateur doux, antibactérien et antifongique.    

  • Il est approuvé par Ecocert/COSMOS en cosmétique BIO.

3,00 € 3.0 EUR
Reuse your empty ingredient bottles! With this pump, you can use your glass bottles for your creams, toothpaste or shampoos.
Cut it with a pair of scissors to the right length to fit the size of your empty bottle.
1,50 € 1.5 EUR
This cookbook compiles all of the recipes from our mobile app into a cute, colorful book.
All our recipes are developed by a cosmetic formulator, tested in the laboratory and validated by professionals.
The book also includes a "traceability" section to note the products you make, and blank pages to create your own recipes.
9,50 € 9.5 EUR
Mana Mani kitchen towel kit including 10 reusable Oeko-tex bamboo sponge wipes, and 2 burlap baskets woven in France (one for the clean and one for the dirty)
39,90 € 39.9 EUR
This robot is your best ally for the preparation of your homemade cosmetics.

How it works ?
1 - Choose the recipe you want to make on our site or our mobile app: cream, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, makeup, you can create any bathroom product!
2 - Choose the quantity, smell and texture according to your preferences.
3 - Pour the ingredients into the robot following the recipe, press the button and ... that's it! In a few minutes you get your homemade and personalized product.

BeautyMix heats and mixes according to 3 different programs: a cleaning program, a program dedicated to cold preparations and a program dedicated to hot preparations.

It consists of a base and a removable preparation tub that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It comes with a precision scale that will allow you to weigh very small quantities from 0.1g.

Find all the information and advice to start making your own products with BeautyMix:

(Eco-participation of € 0.25 included, 2-year guarantee)
129,00 € 129.0 EUR
Save money by ordering your robot with a box of ingredients!
These ingredients will allow you to test your BeautyMix as soon as it is delivered.

This pretty organic cotton kit contains all the ingredients that allow you to create several moisturizers, makeup removers and lotions. Find our recipes on the BeautyMix mobile app and make the products you like in the quantity you want.

Contents of the kit:
• 1 cosmetic oil 30 ml
• 1 hydrosol 30 ml
• preservative 10 ml
• emulsifier 15 g
• glycerin 10 ml
• 30ml empty pump bottle

The ingredients are organic. Liquid ingredients are contained in reusable glass vials and solid ingredients are contained in kraft pouches.

In addition to this discovery kit, receive a gift card in the amount of € 50 that can be used throughout the shop to please yourself and try out other recipes. The gift card is valid for 6 months. You will receive it by email immediately after your purchase.

Find all the information about the robot on the starter page :

(Eco-participation of € 0.25 included, 2-year guarantee)
199,00 € 199.0 EUR

Biologique et distillé en France, il est anti-âge, adoucissant et astringent et convient particulièrement aux peaux sèches. 

4,00 € 4.0 EUR
  • Elle est apaisante, nourrissante et elle s'utilise sur la peau comme sur les cheveux.

  • Elle convient tout particulièrement aux peaux irritées ou desséchées, et en soin anti-âge.

6,00 € 6.0 EUR
These pretty self-adhesive labels will allow you to label your homemade products with their name, ingredients, date of manufacture and expiry date, for complete traceability!
This sheet includes 3 bottle labels, 2 jar labels (1 top and 1 bottom of the jar), and 6 lipstick labels (3 top and 3 bottom).
4,00 € 4.0 EUR
Baking soda is a multi-purpose ingredient, it is used in cosmetics, in food, as a household and / or gardening product ... It is known in cosmetics as a mild abrasive. It whitens teeth, neutralizes acidity and bad odors. It will also adjust the pH by increasing it.

Applications: It can be used in toothpaste recipes, in whitening care, deodorants, as well as in bath bombs etc.

Cosmetic properties: Alkalizing agent (increases pH), deodorant, mild abrasive, whitens teeth, neutralizes acidity and bad odors.

Quality: Pharmaceutical grade and mineral origin

INCI designation: Sodium Bicarbonate

Organoleptic properties:
Appearance: Crystalline powder
Color: White or substantially white
carbonate pH: 8.6

- Be careful, baking soda can be irritating for some people. Perform a use test of the finished product on the bend of the elbow for 24 hours to ensure there is no reaction.
- Keep out of reach of children
- Avoid contact with eyes. Do not inhale.
- Do not mix with acids
- In general, keep properly closed, away from light and heat.
- Respect the recommended dosages.
2,00 € 2.0 EUR
Soy wax in 250g kraft bag.

Our soy wax allows you to create your own high quality vegetable candles. This wax is produced without GMOs, pesticides or herbicides, and originates from Europe. It is 100% vegetable, biodegradable and vegan.

Its melting point: 51 ° C. (temperature at which it will become liquid)
Color: Ivory white
It has good adhesion to glass, its melting point does not alter the fragrances during your creations and the fragrance is perfectly restored.
Burning this wax does not emit any toxic substances.
The cleaning of the tank will be done very simply with hot water and soap.

A real wax that respects the environment, your health and your home!
5,90 € 5.9 EUR

Cette spatule cosmétique double fonction te permet de mélanger et de doser/transférer.
Faite d'acier inoxydable, elle est durable et zéro plastique.

3,00 € 3.0 EUR